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McKinney Lip Dub 2012


McKinney Lip Dub 2012 from Manestream News on Vimeo.

By McKinney High School

Produced by:

Catherine Festa, Jackie Harrison, Aaron Delgado, Devon Maguire, Taylor Hobart


  1. I usually think of building a city out of rock to be inexpensive, but building a city out of rock AND roll? We truly are a privileged school.

  2. You guys are SO AWESOME! Proud to be a Lion!!

  3. That. Was. EPIC! Y’all ROCK! :-)

  4. Absolutely wonderful!! Thanks to everyone for being a part of this… literally!

  5. Love it and love being a Lion! MHS Rocks!

  6. Congrats to everyone involved…it looks awesome!!!

  7. Wow, I can’t decide on my favorite part. I’ll have to go with Coach Serio jumping in the pool. Great job MHS!

  8. My lord… Awesome job guys! I was smiling the whole video!

  9. Outstanding job! Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Great Job MHS! I am extremely proud to be a LION!!!! Awesome. Awesome!

  11. Congrats to everyone involved in making this! I’m sure y’all had as much fun making it as I had watching it.

  12. McKinney Lip Dub was a blast. It’s a memory I will treasure always. I love you MHS!

  13. great job guys
    go MHS

  14. I have never seen anything so cool in my entire life! Amazing.

  15. Wow that was awesome! Y’all are awesome!(:

  16. Awesome! Kudos to the five producers and all the students involved. You built a fantastic city, and it’s great you recognize “the road to success is always under construction.”

  17. Great job Lions! We saw MANY familiar faces of former students…Outstanding spirit of life long Lions!!

  18. So AMAZING! McKinney HS, you ROCK! What an outstanding story about your in 7 minutes! Such energy and great production team!

  19. Great video!!! We have started planning for ours later this year. Inspiration abounds from your work. Great job to all!!

  20. We did amazing! I’m so proud(: My little sister wants to be a lion now. I especially like the ending. We truly are one big family (pride)

  21. ONCE A LION…..ALWAYS A LION….MHS…You continue to make us PROUD…..LION PRIDE FOREVER!

  22. Keep the spirit up!!! Carry on to Tuesday night volleyball.

  23. This is fantastic. What an awesome production and school. Congrats on your great job.

  24. AWESOME JOBB(((: ahhh i love this video so much. Proud mckinney high alumni<3

    Keep your spirits high

  25. What an amazing undertaking and tremendous display of school spirit. The McKinney Lions do it right! My student’s jaws are still hitting the floor! Our school seems like an even bigger dump now!

  26. Wow….I am so impressed! Excellent job on the video. It was so much fun to watch! From a fan in OHIO!!!

  27. LOVE THIS!

  28. Proud LION!!! <3

  29. What great work! Lots of fun! Lots of spirit! Love it!!

  30. Amazing! Great job broadcast team and the entire student body. It is so cool!!!

  31. This is why I’m proud my kids go to MHS. Best school ever!!! This is really cool & you all did a great job. Wonderful memory for everyone.

  32. Awesome job!! So proud to have a graduate and also a sophomore from this terrific school! Great song choice too, thanks for picking a song that represents my hometown. :)

  33. An outstanding video production! Compliments to all involved with putting the video together! The student body should be very proud of the final product! Great to see all students and all student activities represented! Hats off to everyone!

  34. Wow! The logistics to pull this off must have been tremendous. How did you manage to have sooooo many students together (on cue!) without teachers and administrators griping?! This is a testimony to creativity, vision and preparation!

  35. iFantastico! Great job everyone! :)

  36. It’s so amazing!!! It’s so fun to see an entire school come together to create something so awesome.

  37. Kudos from the Class of ’94! That was awesome, so glad to see LION SPIRIT still alive and well at my old alma mater – thanks for the walk down memory lane, and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

  38. 4:28
    Best part hands down.

  39. Such an awesome memory to add to senior year!! Turned out fabulously!! Amazing job and to the producers and an awesome song!!!!!

  40. Man. I wish I built that city…

  41. You guys did an incredible job, everything about this is awesome! I am speechless!

  42. Lip Dub 2012 has made it to South Africa! Loved seeing so many familiar faces (and a few aTm’s!) Great job, MHS. Go Lions!
    God Bless and Gig’em,
    The Easleys

  43. Pure Awesomeness!!! I’m sure a fun afternoon at school that you will always remember!! Fun to see some former students and my baby girl! Keep up the Lion Spirit! Can’t wait for the next production!!

  44. Nice video Great Job!

  45. Amesome Job Lions! It’s fantastic
    To see so many former Malvern
    Elementary Students.
    Mrs. McClain
    LMS Malvern Elem.

  46. Great job guys. Awesome video!!!! I love it!!!

  47. Great Job! Can’t wait for Return of the King!

  48. Sell copies of this as a fundraiser!! I’ll buy one! This was so fun to watch and will be great memories for students looking back years from now. Good job everyone! Way to shine Lions!!

  49. Love the video! I just want to keep watching it over and over! What a way to end my Daughters Senior Year and Start her Sisters Freshman Year! Proud to be a past MHS Lion as well! The 80′s day theme went great with the song too!

  50. this was good

  51. Awesome video!!!!! There’s so much talent :) . I hope Ellen actually sees it and plays in nationally !!! Good luck guys.

  52. my pal its makenzie i saw you in this

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